City Pavillion, Farringdon


Crown Dilmun developed a large 200 plus apartment block complete with luxury penthouse units in Cowcross Street, London. This project included complex infrastructure installations to service the apartments and the incorporation of ‘Wet electric’ heating systems to avoid the flue complications that the alternative of gas fired central heating would give.

Pool house, Rye


Working in close collaboration with the specialist pool supplier schemes have been developed to incorporate a modern pool and associated spa area within a classical pool house construction. Features include; mood lighting, sound systems, pool water treatment underfloor heating and controlled ventilation.

United House


In contrast to their normal portfolio of Social housing, United House completed a development of town houses and apartments in Tufton street/Marsham Street, many with impressive views of the Palace of Westminster. The more prestigious units having the benefit of air conditioning, Houses of Parliament division bell facility and enhanced electrical installations.

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