dowling blunt offers bespoke security design solutions, specialising in personnel and property protection systems for high net worth clients – together with property and physical protection for commercial and retail clients.

We have a dedicated team of security specialists, with many years experience in designing all forms of security systems.

We successfully work with Architects and Interior Designers, where our attention to detail and flexibility – ensures the security systems meld seamlessly with the fabric.

Being completely independent of all security system manufacturers, we are free to design and specify the optimum mix of systems and products – to exactly meet a client’s specific requirements and budget.

And with the addition of our in-house building services design consultancy, we can also fully integrate these systems with other building services systems – such as fire alarm, lighting, communications etc.

Our dedication to quality and delivery, has resulted in dowling blunt successfully being appointed Marks and Spencer’s security consultants for the past 16 years.

We also recently completed the security design for William and Son, the Mayfair jeweller and gunsmith.

We are able to design and specify systems including;

  • Grade 3 Intruder alarm and mobile/fixed panic alarm systems.
  • Grade 4 signalling equipment for transmission of panic and intruder alarms
  • Access control systems to manage the movement and access rights of people within a secure building while maintaining a normal working environment and customer experience.
  • CCTV systems. The latest IP network system that can be integrated into your existing IT framework to provide the highest picture quality and performance. Alternatively for greater security and resilience we can design your CCTV system to have its own network, specified to incorporate high security remote access and monitoring to give 24 hour peace of mind at the touch of a button.
  • Electronic article surveillance.
  • Personnel and vehicle tracking.
  • All forms of LPS rated security shutters, grills and physical protection systems.
  • Security air locks, access control barriers, LPS graded doors and locking mechanisms that also comply with fire regulations
  • Panic rooms.
  • Safes and secure storage systems.
  • LPS rated Security glass systems. We have worked with architects and specialist glaziers to provide aesthetically pleasing bespoke items ensuring testing is completed by the BRE that achieves the LPS rating required client and their insurers.
  • Fogging system for protection of personnel and property by obscuring any intruder from their intended target.
  • Forensic water systems to aid in the capture of intruders and retrieval of goods by means of site specific DNA coded water.